About Kyoto An

We want to tell you about
the tradition and culture of Kyoto

For centuries, Japanese traditions have been passed down from
generation to generation in Kyoto.
There are unique "technologies" and "culture"
that cannot be expressed in just a few words.
We introduce Kyoto ingredients and cuisine to our customers.
Through "Food", we would like to share the traditions and culture of Kyoto,
which have been nurtured over hundreds of years, with the whole country and the world.

About Kyoto An

Kyoto An's
Kyoto Cuisine

About Kyoto cuisine we want to introduce

Have you ever heard of Kyoto cuisine which was born out of the historical traditions and culture of Kyoto, using seasonal ingredients that represent the four seasons?
We use only the finest ingredients, carefully selected from among those nurtured by the many blessings of the sea, mountains and basins.
We are sure that you will be satisfied with our Kyoto cuisine, which conveys the four seasons of Japan through the unique flavours, aromas and colours of its ingredients.

Our vision of Kyoto cuisine


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