• Prepared meals using Kyoto water and the finest ingredients

    Kyoto An produces Kyo-age and other Kyoto delicacies.
    We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible taste of Kyoto cuisine, relying on ingredients procured from trusted producers and the skills of our chefs.

    About Kyoto An’s cuisine

  • Experienced and meticulous selection of Kyoto ingredients

    It takes many years of experience to assess when a ingredient is in season, fresh and at it’s best.At Kyoto An, our experienced buyers carefully select only the most delicious ingredients.If there is an ingredient you are looking for but can’t find, please contact us. We’ll be happy to recommend solutions.

  • Long established and reliable suppliers

    Kyoto An has been a food manufacturer for many years, producing a wide range of delicacies, such as Kyo-age.We offer you products from reliable suppliers that we have built up over many years.

Things we can do as Kyoto An

Spread information about Kyoto’s traditions

If you want to open a Kyoto cuisine restaurant or learn more about it, please contact us.
For such customers, Kyoto An not only sells ingredients and prepared foods, but also offers a wide range of other consultations and services.
In addition, we will be posting information about our seasonal products and Kyoto cuisine on our website.
Whatever you need, you can always consult our representative who has many years of experience in the Kyoto area.