• 【Info】Kyoto An’s Sasayama factory FSSC22000 certified

    Sasayama factory FSSC22000 certified

    Kyoto An’s Sasayama factory received FSSC22000 certification on 5 Jan 2022.

  • 【Recommended】Japanese Sake

    There are many Sake (rice wine) breweries in Kyoto, especially in Fushimi. Each brewery has its own unique taste, and there are as many as there are sake breweries to choose from. Sake brewed from Kyoto’s rice and pure water has a refined aroma and unique taste. We will be happy to recommend the best one to suit your taste.

  • 【Info】Our Homepage has just been upgraded!


    We are grateful for your visiting the Kyoto An’s homepage.

    We have completely redesigned our website to make it easier to navigate and to share new information with our customers.

    We will continue to improve the content of the site to ensure that it is more user-friendly than ever. We look forward to to serving you well in the future!

  • 【Info】Registered for Hometown Tax

    Registration for Fukuchiyama City's Hometown Tax

    Kyoto An’s Fukuchiyama factory is registered as a Hometown Tax Payer in Fukuchiyama City.

  • 【Info】Kyoto An’s Sasayama factory applies for FSSC22000 certification

    Application for FSSC22000 certification for Sasayama factory

    Following on from our Kyoto An Fukuchiyama factory, we are currently applying for FSSC22000 certification for our Sasayama factory in Hyogo Prefecture.

  • 【Info】FSSC22000 certified

    Fukuchiyama factory FSSC22000 certified

    Kyoto An’s Fukuchiyama factory received FSSC22000 Certification on 29 May 2019.

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