Rice with Sea Bream

Akashi Sea Bream with great texture is caught in the fierce currents of the Akashi Channel, grilled with Kyoto salt and cooked in Kyoto An's special broth, served with locally harvested rice. The combination of rice and Sea Bream gives the dish a simple yet elegant taste with the distinctive aroma of broth.

Chestnut rice

This recipe uses large, sweet and fragrant Kyoto Tanba chestnuts, rich in vitamins and minerals, cooked exclusively with Kyoto rice and natural salt. This simple, mildly sweet rice and chestnut dish is the perfect balance of flavours that only Kyoto cuisine can offer.

Chirimen rice

"Chirimen Sansho" (sardines cured with Japanese pepper) is one of the most popular souvenirs of Kyoto. In Kyoto, it was customary to season fish with salt, miso or soy sauce to preserve it. Chirimen Sansho is a mixture of local Japanese pepper, picked in the surrounding mountains, and chirimenjako (tiny sardines), cooked with soy sauce and sake. Following this culture, we cook high quality chirimenjako and sansho peppercorn in sweet and spicy sauce. Depending on the amount and type of sugar and soy sauce, you can create your own personal flavour and we will be happy to recommend the best dish for you.

Chazuke - rice with tea

This authentic Kyoto Ochazuke is made with Kyoto rice and Uji tea. Combined with a wide variety of locally made pickles, you will never get bored of this unique Kyoto dish. We present you with a simple yet delicious dish that captures the essence of Kyoto.